Who I am....

I am a Sophmore at the Univeristy of South Alabama and I am majoring in elementary education and plan on get my masters. I have always enjoyed being around children and watching them grow, which led me to my decision to choose this major. I am a hard worker and hopefully will one day have my dream job of being a elementary school principal.

I attend school on Tuesday and Thursdays because I live over an hour away in Jackson, Alabama. I choose not to live in Mobile while attend The University due to the fact that I love my job. I work at Jackson Wood Fiber on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week as full time Secretary.

I am also an outdoors lover. I spend my winter days hunting with my father and brother for white tail deer. My summer days are spent at St. Stephens Park riding horses with my family and swimming afterwards.

Why I Want to be a Teacher...

For so many people the thought of being a teacher and “having to put up” with children all day would be pure torture, but for me, I cannot wait. I want to make a difference in each child’s life that I encounter. I want to bring the joy and excitement with everything they learn from me. I do not want their experience of elementary learning to be one of a drawn out day in which they cannot wait to go home, but one of enthusiastic learning. I want each child to understand that learning and being intellectual is the one thing they can use when all else fails. Bringing joy and a good experience into the life of children can only make their life a more enjoyable one where they will want to learn more (hopefully).
My Teaching Philosophy

Friday, April 17, 2009


Since everyone is not familiar with all forms of web technology, I will be available to my parents on more than one networking source. Facebook is the most common way to communicate that I have found. I do not want any parent to feel like they are not able to know what is going on in the classroom because they are "Technology Illiterate." I will show any parent how any one of my networking pages can be accessed and used.
The only thing about facebook that is "different" from blogging (and this is why I think that blogging will be an easier way to communicate) is because on facebook the parents will have to have their own account to access my information. This might not be a problem to some people but I do not want to inconvenience anyone. Well at any rate, I will be available to all parents at all times threw all different forms of communication!

Technology in the Classroom

I plan on keeping the parents of my students informed and up-to-date with all of my classroom activities and assignments. One of the ways I plan on doing this is by blogging. I will post all of my assignments for each week on my blog and all the information that goes along with them so that everything is easy for parents to understand. I want parents to be involved and active in their child's learning.
One of the reason that I have chosen blogs as a way to notify parents is because of the simplicity of them. Blogging is fast and easy. I will have my blog address available to parents in the begging of the year note that I will send home. I will also explain to parents at the beginning of the school year what blogging is so that no one is left behind or confused. I feel that by keeping my parents notified about everything going in the classroom my students will be able to do better... and that is my goal!

Critical Thinking

I want every child to think “outside” the box. I want their minds to expand as far as they can go. Critical thinking is a great tool to use to help children go beyond just everyday thinking. I want each child to be prepared for everything that they encounter. In everyday- life the children will be faced with new information that they will need to retain and use throughout their lives.
One method that promotes critical reading involves the use of news media in the class. Newspapers, magazines, television, and radio can motivate students to develop critical listening and reading skills. Differing accounts and editorials can be compared as a way of helping students read with a questioning attitude. Students can construct their own arguments for discussion or publication in student newspapers. In the process, they become more discriminating consumers of news media, advertising, and entertainment.

Beyond Fundamentals

I want the children to learn beyond the fundamental content of the courses I teach. I want them to learn the meaning of what they are learning and the reason why it is necessary that they learn what I am teaching.
While teaching daily requirements to children, I know that they will get bored and not want to do their work. I feel like by having the children know why it is necessary to learn what is being taught, they will succeed further. I know that some children are not going to care whether I trying to teach them beyond fundamentals or not, but the ones that do will learn more from it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Problem-Solving Strategies

I hope to enrich children’s lives by helping them develop problem-solving strategies. With the procedures I plan to practice in my classroom; I hope to help instill self-discipline. I want each child to know what is acceptable, what is not, and be able to take this knowledge into everyday life.
Some ways that I will try to develop their problem-slving skills is by having students identify specific problems, difficulties, or confusions. I will not waste time working through problems that students already understand. If students are unable to articulate their concerns, I will determine where they are having trouble by asking them to identify the specific concepts or principles associated with the problem.

Meeting My Objectives

I plan on using as many techniques as it takes to help all children understand. I will use constructivism learning so as to have the children construct their own knowledge from their personal experiences (which is the easiest way that I have found to learn things). To help open the minds of the children; especially those that do not have many advantages outside the classroom, I want to engage them in activities away from the classroom. I would like to take them on an adventure to an aquarium. With this experience we could go over all types of sea life, mammals, fish, retiles, and even environmental problems. Once we were back in the classroom we would review all the amazing new things we had learned and each child would make a visual art project on something they learned, of which they had no previous knowledge. In today’s world people are being placed in a social environment in which people must work together to get the job done. To help with this social situation I will plan on using group and collaborative activities to help build skills that can be used all throughout life.

How I Will Assess My Effectiveness

Each child is an individual and will be treated like one. The ways that each child grows and mentally develops will be taken into consideration. I will use all my testing as a measure of the effectiveness of my teaching and a way to improve so that I can be a better teacher. I will not use test and quizzes as a way to see if the children know exactly what I have taught; but to help me better understand to see what they are grasping and what they understand so that I can teach them more effectively. I want to be able to have each child’s way of learning incorporated into my teaching so that no one is left behind.